Thankyou for caring enough about technology, privacy and your child to read this! We are educators, and we care a lot about the safety and privacy of those in your care. Here's how Times Table Galaxy is a good digital citizen:

  • Times Table Galaxy has no ads.
  • Times Table Galaxy doesn't have any means to track users uniquely.
  • We've put parental gates around any access to external websites, any in App Purchases or ways to add new friends in Game Center.
  • Times Table Galaxy has a one off, permanent in app purchase which unlocks unlimited plays. It's hidden behind a parent gate. If you don't like In App Purchases, there's a 'for schools' version which doesn't have any, or you can disable them on your child's device.
  • Times Table Galaxy uses Game Center to challenge people that your child is friends with. Apple runs Game Center and provides it as a service on their platforms - they care about privacy too and have made it secure and safe for children. Read about using child accounts with Game Center.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact us. We made Times Table Galaxy for classroom and home use.