Campus Safety & Emergency Resources

Emergency communications

The University of Washington is committed to keeping the campus community informed during emergencies and situations that might disrupt normal operations.

What is 188金宝搏下载址 Alert?

188金宝搏下载址 Alert is a notification system that quickly informs the 188金宝搏下载址 community about an emergency situation that poses a potential threat to people’s health and safety. 188金宝搏下载址 Alert messages are sent via email and text, as well as posted on Facebook, Twitter and the 188金宝搏下载址 Alert blog. Incidents that prompt an alert message can include an active shooter, other violent crimes on or near campus, severe weather and hazardous materials (HazMat) responses. 188金宝搏下载址 Alert messages are limited to 160 characters, so messages include a link to the 188金宝搏下载址 Alert blog for more information as it becomes available.

What is 188金宝搏下载址 Advisory and how is it different from 188金宝搏下载址 Alert?

A 188金宝搏下载址 Advisory works in the same way as 188金宝搏下载址 Alert, but is used to make the community aware of a significant situation that could disrupt operations but does not pose an immediate threat to health and safety. These could include power outages, phone outages that could affect 911 service, suspended campus operations and perceived threats which police have determined to be unfounded. If you sign up for 188金宝搏下载址 Alert, you are automatically also subscribed for 188金宝搏下载址 Advisory messages. Nearly all messages include a link to the emergency blog for more information.

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Note: A 188金宝搏下载址 NetID is required. If you are currently signed up for 188金宝搏下载址 Alert, please take a moment to verify and update your contact information. If you receive a notice that your 188金宝搏下载址 Alert account is expiring, you can go to Manage Account to extend it.