Purrfect Memory is a Mac app to help you learn phrases or facts. It's designed to stay out of the way and be unobtrusive. 

Before we start selling Purrfect Memory we would love your feedback. Probably the best way to use the app is to think of something you'd like to memorise over the next two weeks, like:

  • Bible verses
  • your passport number, drivers license number and bank account (Purrfect Memory doesn't sync or upload any information - but you might want a password on your computer if you do this!)
  • inspiring quotes (or, depressing quotes if you need a downer)
  • interesting facts
  • that second language you'd like to get more confident in

You'll need:

  • a Mac running at least 10.11.0 (El Capitan)
  • something you want to learn!

Send me your thoughts, feedback, criticisms and things you like.

🎉 Download Purrfect Memory Beta
If you need some inspiration, here are some 'Memory Packs' with bits and bobs you might want to memorise.