"Absolutely superb. An essential app for the maths classroom and one I cannot recommend enough. ★★★★★" iPad Educators

"I wish that apps like Math Shake had been around when I was a kid" ★★★★★ The iPhone Mom.

Bottom Line: A math app that truly does what no other apps out there can do: make sense out of word problems. ★★★★★ Smart Apps For Kids

Let Math Shake accelerate mathematics for your child or students. Gorgeously designed, engaging and playful; Math Shake was created by educators and developed with math specialists in schools to engage mathematicians from ages of 6-14.

We all know that students find it far more challenging to answer word problems than simple equations. In Math Shake, learners practise the vital skill of solving word problems in a fun, focused way. Learners engage their critical thinking skills as they use the keywords to change word problems into equations and use interactive learning tools to visualise, image and work out their answer. Not only do learners have a range of learning tools at their fingertips, they can share their thinking by recording their working.Teachers and parents can also use Math Shake to teach learners with the interactive tools; including tens frames, number matrixes, fraction parts, number lines and counters.

Suitable for children working between 6 and 14 years in their mathematics, Math Shake is a truly transformative tool for powerful mathematics learning.


  • thousands of unique word problems to decode and solve
  • question packs for students from 6 to 14 years of age
  • full screencasting functionality: export a recording of your thinking to your photo album, blog or any other app that opens videos innovative math tools to use to solve problems including tens frames, number lines, number matrixes, fraction parts and counters
  • think outside the box by reversing division problems to multiplication problems, subtraction problems to addition problems and vice versa!
  • earn colourful pencils by answering more questions
  • subtle hints and animations make Math Shake super easy to use

There are two versions of Math Shake available. Math Shake, a free download where you can try Math Shake out and purchase question packs as you need them and Math Shake for Schools: all the features of Math Shake with no in app purchases.

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