It begins!

Willing teachers, excellent pedagogical support and support from our leadership team brough things in alignment for a full rollout of iPads, starting with senior students, at Te Akau ki Papamoa School. We'd already had three classes of 1:1 laptop (Macbook) classrooms in year 4, 5 and 6 - with amazing results, so the next step for us was a full iPad deployment in the senior school to enable access for all our kids. We have an amazing board, which practically allowed us to have a rollout at no costs to students or their families rather than a traditional BYOD program which would exclude much of our community. This created a lot of debate at a national level (which is entirely out of the scope of this blog), but was received enthusiastically by the vast majority of our school community.

This blog is intended to journal the technical adventures and the mistakes we made along the way to a full 1:1 rollout at TAKP.