Earcandy: Podcasts about Apple, Development & Education

I love podcasts. I love being able to learn, be entertained and informed while I'm doing something active whether it's the dishes, the gym or driving.

Two of my favourite podcasts, Build & Analyze and Hypercritical are finishing before year end. Because of this I thought it would be a good idea to share some great podcasts out there in the intersections between Apple tech, Education and Development.

Apple-Style Tech & Design

  • The Talk Show. A dry, but very well informed podcast from John Gruber (and friends) on Apple hardware and software. Thoughtful and not sensationalised.
  • ...there's a big gap here left in Hypercritical's absence. A show to watch out for in this space is The Crossover, hosted by Dan Benjamen and a variety of other hosts from the 5by5 network. If you enjoy the 5by5 hosts then this seems like a goodie with a very broad topic base.


  • Developing Perspective. A more technically focused podcast by David Smith. Always under 15 minutes, genuine, and practical.
  • Core Intuition. A higher level perspecive on development as a business.


  • Out of School. I'm just starting out on this podcast which seems to focus around iPads in the education space. Very experienced and insightful hosts.